“An attorney’s role in society, representing rights and interests of the individual, is done in complete liberty, autonomy, and independence; it ensures knowledge of the law; and it contributes in every manner to achieving the ultimate goal: justice according to law.”
-Italian Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys-
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Attorney Silvia Giannini

Foto Silvia GianniniAttorney Silvia Giannini was admitted to the Italian Bar in 2010, after completing the law school graduate program in 2002, mandatory clerkship in 2004, and supplementary specialization clerkship in 2009.

Associate attorney in the Giannini law firm researching, writing and arguing complicated legal matters and communicating with judges, clients, witnesses and experts of trial.

Private and corporate civil practice, trial and appellate practice in all areas of Italy, in Court of first level and appellate level.

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Partner of S4B (Solutions for Business), independent member of GGI, Geneva Group International

Attorney Giannini concentrates her practice in the area of Civil Law, with extensive experience in Insurance Law, Debt Collection, Landlord-tenant Law, Consumer Protection, Medical Malpractice and Employment Law.

Attorney Giannini also practices in the areas of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), Family, Divorce and Juvenile Law, and Inheritance Law and has expanded her practice to include International Law and EU Law
EDUCATION:2002 J.D. “La Sapienza” University of Rome, 2004 Completed Italy’s mandatory two-year law clerkship. 2009 Admitted to Italian bar.
LANGUAGES:Italian (native speaker), English, Spanish; and French (basic level)