“An attorney’s role in society, representing rights and interests of the individual, is done in complete liberty, autonomy, and independence; it ensures knowledge of the law; and it contributes in every manner to achieving the ultimate goal: justice according to law.”
-Italian Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys-
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Giannini Law Firm

Via Nizza 59 | 00198 Roma
Parking: Via Nizza 136 (in front of the study) or Via Cagliari 31
(phone) +39 06.8554961/+39 06.8841724
(fax) +39 06.8555032


Via Victor Hugo 2 | 20123 Milano
(tel)+39 02 84579491
Our firm serves as local counsel for attorneys and law offices throughout Italy. All of our attorneys are admitted to practice in all courts in Rome, including trial courts, courts of appeal, administrative law courts, juvenile courts, and the Supreme Court of Italy.
Att. Silvia GIANNINI

(Cel)+39 349.4797605
(Italian certified email) silviagiannini@ordineavvocatiroma.org
(Email) silvia.giannini@gianninistudiolegale.it

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