“An attorney’s role in society, representing rights and interests of the individual, is done in complete liberty, autonomy, and independence; it ensures knowledge of the law; and it contributes in every manner to achieving the ultimate goal: justice according to law.”
-Italian Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys-
Global Network


Geneva Group International (GGI) is the sixth largest global network of professionals, lawyers, tax advisors and accountants, auditors and consulting firms.

The network is based in Geneva and has a global presence, with offices in major foreign countries, acting as a “platform” for its members to facilitate the creation of international partnerships, overcoming the particular difficulties associated with the globalization of markets. GGI provides a network of relationships with professionals and specialists in the field where they can share and develop skills and knowledge. This results in added value and real support for organizations that are part of the network and for their clients.

GGI is guided by the following values:

  • Independence
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Global Presence

Giannini Law Firm is partner of S4B – Solution for Business – independent member of Geneva Group International.

Geneva Group International